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Total Health & Hydration - Make healthy hydration a new norm

Hangover Cocktail

Revive after you imbibe. When you drink, not only do you get dehydrated, but you deplete important vitamins. Our infusion, also known as the “banana bag,” rehydrates you and replenishes those vitamins.

Joint Health Infusion

This infusion boasts a blend of vitamins and minerals which will decrease joint pain and inflammation. Individuals with arthritis, joint pain, muscle injuries, and chronic inflammation can find relief.

Fibromyalgia Infusion

This infusion can aid anyone with muscle pain and discomfort or individuals battling Fibromyalgia. Pain decreases, energy increases, and the client experience improved sleep.

Athletic Performance Infusion

This infusion is for those athletes trying to edge out the competition, or anyone wanting to exercise more and recover faster. Not only does it help to decrease muscle soreness, but it improves muscle endurance.

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Unlimited Standard IV Packages $99ea
Specialty IV Packages 25% Off
All Additives 50% Off

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