In Clinic Labs

The tests you need, with the VIP treatment

VIP Total Health & Hydration offers extensive regenerative medicine, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and other supportive therapies that often require laboratory testing for our clients. Our lab services do not require a physician’s order, are available to anyone, and do not require insurance.

VIP offers the comfortable and professional med spa setting you need for any lab testing. Our licensed and experienced medical staff treat every client with the respect and discretion they deserve.

Specific labs or lab panels offered include:

  • Antibody testing

  • Basic blood panels

  • Hormone profiles

  • Nutritional panels

  • Comprehensive blood tests

  • STD Testing

  • Metabolic profiles

  • Gender-specific tests

  • Condition-specific testing

  • COVID rapid tests

  • Weight management profiles

  • And more…

Blood Results

Lab testing and interpretation services

VIP regenerative medicine and supportive therapy clients who need lab tests before starting a course of treatment will receive lab results interpretation as those results are factored into their customized treatment plans. Clients who are not currently working with the VIP medical team for treatment are invited to schedule a consultation appointment with our Nurse Practitioner for a full evaluation of their test results.

Telemed consultations

Once your lab results are in, you can choose to schedule a consultation with our Nurse Practitioner via a private and convenient telemedicine visit. Your consultation and any results you discuss with licensed VIP Total Health & Hydration medical professionals will remain confidential, as we walk you through your lab results in detail.


Walk-in or appointment lab services

VIP lab services are available during normal business hours for anyone who needs professional laboratory testing services. Our clients are always welcome to make an appointment or walk in for immediate service. If you are unsure which lab test you need and aren’t currently a supportive or regenerative medicine therapy client, please contact us before you visit to speak with a member of our medical staff and determine the specific test that is right for you.

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