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What is regenerative medicine?

Pain management doctors and surgeons may recommend surgery as a treatment for chronic pain and injury. VIP Total Health & Hydration has a different approach, using regenerative medicine natural healing therapies to help our clients heal and live pain-free, many times avoiding invasive surgical treatments.

Regenerative medicine acts as a holistic and joint rejuvenation therapy to stimulate and support the body’s natural healing processes. Using naturally-derived, growth-promoting materials that vary depending on the condition being treated, regenerative medicine may help repair damaged tissue and relieve chronic pain, even from the effects of aging.

By focusing treatments on damaged areas, regenerative medicine helps the body to heal itself instead of masking pain symptoms or replacing joints with artificial ones, as many orthopedic and pain management doctors may recommend.

Your regenerative medicine therapy at VIP Total Health & Hydration may include:

PRP Injection

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelets within your own blood contain growth factors that help the body heal itself. To collect platelet rich plasma, VIP regenerative medicine specialists first draw just enough of your blood to harvest the platelets. Once the red and white blood cells are removed via centrifugation, the remaining liquid is plasma that is rich in platelets and your body’s own natural healing factors, which are injected directly into the site of injury or pain.

Wharton's Jelly

Wharton’s Jelly is derived from the umbilical cord. The substance provides cushioning and support to the umbilical vein and arteries, and is a neutral biological product that doesn’t trigger an immune response or rejection when used as a supportive natural therapy to support and cushion the joints.

Whartons Jelly

Pain management doctors explore expanding applications for regenerative medicine

Regenerative Medicine may help a wide range of conditions. We utilize these therapies to potentially help repair tissue injuries, arthritis, and osteoarthritis, among other conditions.

Symptoms that may be improved by regenerative medicine include:

  • Knee pain

  • Shoulder pain

  • Elbow pain

  • Wrist & Hand Pain

  • Ankle & Foot Pain

  • Cognitive Function

  • Organ Function

  • Cardiovascular Function

Regenerative medicine may play a crucial role in the process of wound and tissue healing. The natural growth factors in these treatments, when injected into joints and damaged tissues, may also help to aid in cushioning and structural support. Pain management doctors use regenerative medicine therapies to treat various musculoskeletal problems and promote healing of injured tendons, ligaments, cartilage, muscles, and joints.

Start living with less pain, without surgery.

Contact VIP Total Health & Hydration to schedule a consultation with our licensed team of medical professionals who specialize in targeted regenerative medicine therapies. Many of our clients experience almost immediate relief from chronic pain. You can experience true healing without invasive surgery, reduce your intake of pain medications, and get back to living an active lifestyle. VIP Total Health & Hydration can help, and we’ll work with your current pain management doctors at your request to develop a customized therapeutic plan to help you reclaim a pain-free life.

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