Clients in Aledo who are seeking natural pain relief and supportive IV therapies are always welcome to visit VIP Total Health & Hydration in Aledo, Texas, the midway point between Fort Worth and Weatherford.

Aledo owners of natural pain relief clinic

Aledo store owners, Drs. Justin and Michelle Parker and their children.

Natural pain relief solutions, convenient location

VIP Aledo clients seeking efficient and effective hydration and natural pain relief support therapies have access to the following services at our Aledo med spa:

Conditions that respond well to these services include dehydration, vitamin deficiencies, viruses, infections, injuries, and more. Contact our licensed and experienced medical team today to discuss your condition, symptoms, and medical history. The experts at VIP will create a customized treatment plan designed to provide bioavailable support for natural pain relief and healthier living.

IV therapies that come to you

If illness, injury, or a busy schedule are preventing you from coming to the med spa for IV therapy, VIP will come to you. Call to schedule concierge IV services in your home, or for a party, festival, sports event, corporate retreat, or conference.

Meet the Aledo team

Dr. Justin Parker is the owner of VIP Total Health and Hydration in Aledo alongside his wife, Michelle. Dr. Parker specializes in caring for elite professional, amateur, and collegiate athletes. For over a decade, he has been building advanced knowledge and skills in sports therapy, exercise rehab, nutrition and wellness.

Dr. Justin Parker

Originally from West Texas, Dr. Parker studied Biology and Chemistry at Texas Tech University. He later went on to obtain a Doctorate in Chiropractic and a double Bachelor of Sciences in Anatomy and Physiology, and Nutrition & Wellness.  Dr. Parker is also a Board-Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician.

Dr. Parker has worked in health care for close to 15 years and is a practicing Chiropractic Sports Physician. Dr. Parker has managed and helped build several chiropractic clinics where he treats patients, manages operations, and builds training programs for office staff and Doctors. Dr. Parker is also on staff and works closely with college, high school, and club sports organizations.

Dr. Parker’s primary role within VIP is business development and team building. He ensures that VIP is always seeking out and offering the latest technologies and services available in the holistic healthcare industry. He establishes strategic business-to-business partnerships with other companies so VIP has a broader reach and can offer services to anyone seeking them out. Dr. Parker applies his varied knowledge and skills to ensure the company is always operating at the highest possible level and ensuring our clients have the best possible experience.

Dr. Michelle Parker

Dr. Michelle Parker is the only Doctor of Chiropractic in the State of Texas with the credentials of Diplomate in Chiropractic Pediatrics by The Academy of Chiropractic Family Practice (DACCP). She is an Internationally Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and a Fellow of the International Board of Functional Neurosciences in Childhood Neurodevelopmental Disorders (FIBFN-CND).

She has walked a path of chronic illness (Dysautonomia, POTS, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Lyme, Hashimoto’s and Crohn’s) and found a way to allow her body to be vibrant through a myriad of holistic wellness paths. This makes her passionate about helping her patients and enjoys reading medical research articles, cooking allergen-free and learning ways to live healthier to keep up with her two high-energy boys and husband, Dr. Justin Parker.

Taylor Price

Taylor Price is the Office Manager for VIP Total Health and Hydration Aledo location. She was born and raised in Weatherford, Texas. She graduated Texas Tech in 2019 with Bachelors in PR and a minor in Communication. She is a full-fledged dog mom to Raider and lives with her husband, Dylan Price.

Dennis Kelley, President & Owner of VIP Total Health and Hydration

Dennis Kelley

Dennis Kelley is the President and co-owner of VIP Total Health & Hydration alongside his wife, Michelle Kelley. He brings twenty-plus years of executive operations experience to the equation. After serving in the Marine Corps, Dennis began his Operations career in the aerospace industry. He is very dedicated to healthy living and fitness and is always doing something active in his spare time. Dennis brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to VIP and will ensure customer expectations are exceeded.

Michelle Kelley, Vice President & Owner of VIP Total Health and Hydration

Michelle Kelley

Michelle is the Vice President and co-founder of VIP Total Health & Hydration alongside her husband, Dennis Kelley. Michelle has always wanted to help others in their quest for overall wellness. With numerous years of experience in the medical field, studying the human body, fitness, and nutrition, she has developed the expertise and extensive knowledge of the biological needs of the human body. As an accomplished competitive athlete, she has the pedigree and the practical experience needed to ensure our clients can reach their health, wellness, and fitness goals.

Feel free to ask any questions over the phone, or get in touch via our contact form. Your message will be dispatched directly to our staff who will answer as soon as they can.

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Supportive medical therapies you can trust

We welcome you to stop by our Aledo med spa and meet your local medical support staff. VIP Total Health & Hydration is committed to providing proven natural and alternative healing therapies that support the body’s innate ability to heal. Our med spa is comfortable, our staff is friendly and helpful, and we’re always focused on serving our clients, either as an independent team of experts, or in collaboration with your attending physician, at your request.

Contact us to learn more, discuss your needs, and schedule med spa or appointment services.

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