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Feel better fast with IV treatments and infusions

VIP Total Health & Hydration specializes in IV therapy targeting specific client needs and symptoms. Our IV hydration and infusion services are available within the privacy and comfort of our med spa locations in Aledo, Fort Worth, and Plano. We also offer concierge, mobile IV therapy services in your home, at your business or corporate event, or at multi-day events where guests need an extra hydration and energy boost.

Use the links below to book an IV appointment if you aren’t sure which IV is best for you. Choose your location, then scroll all the way down the page to see the complete list of IV offerings.

Intravenous (IV) hydration at VIP is a relaxing and rejuvenating experience that leaves our clients feeling refreshed. IV therapy can provide immediate:

  • Relief from hangovers, dehydration, or illness

  • Headache relief

  • Renewed energy

  • Quick post-workout or athletic event recovery

  • Increased immune system function

  • Vitamin absorption

  • Relief from symptoms associated with chronic conditions

  • Faster healing after surgery

  • Relief from symptoms of early pregnancy

Walk-in IV therapy for hydration and more

VIP Total Health & Hydration is centered around providing clientele with a holistic approach to their health and wellness. Most people who walk around are naturally dehydrated due to normal activity and the underconsumption of water. In addition, most of the population suffers from at least one mineral or vitamin deficiency based on shortcomings in their diets.

Advanced IV therapy services for vitamin deficiencies

VIP can provide you with a complete overview of your health and wellness by offering in-house lab tests to confirm vitamin deficiencies. IV infusions can then be tailored to fit your vitamin needs. VIP also provides licensed and experienced medical guidance for healthier lifestyle choices, when the deficiency is due to an unbalanced diet.

Quick and complete vitamin absorption

IV therapy allows the body to absorb vitamins quickly and efficiently. When clients choose customized IV vitamin infusions, the body does not have to digest, break down, and process the supplement through the digestive tract. That means vitamins are delivered into the bloodstream at 100 percent strength and immediate bioavailability.

In contrast, when a person takes vitamins orally, they only absorb 10-20 percent of the vitamin, depending on whether the pill is a tablet or capsule. When vitamins are taken sublingually, the absorption rate increases to only 50 percent. IV infusions are ultimately a more efficient way to deliver what the body needs.

By providing your body with adequate vitamins and minerals, your natural functions and immune system will perform more efficiently. Absorbing adequate vitamins through IV infusions helps support a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Ask about concierge mobile IV therapy

VIP Total Health & Hydration offers mobile IV therapy with our concierge services option. Mobile IV services bring the hydrating healing of IV infusions to:

  • The comfort of your own home

  • Your worksite or corporate event

  • Your marathon or sports event

  • A public or private music festival or gathering

IV Services Memberships: 

VIP Basic Membership includes:

    • $110 for all Regular IVs
    • 25% off all Specialty IVs
    • 50% off all IV Boosters
    • 10% savings on our Medical Grade Skin Care Products – AlumierMD
    • 10% savings on Nutraceuticals – BioTe & Orthomolecular

The VIP Basic Membership is $99/month with a 2-month commitment. This membership is best suited for clients who plan to get 2 or more IVs per month.

VIP Gold Membership includes:

One IV per Month is included – clients can choose one of the following IVs: Athletic Performance IV, Myers Cocktail, or the Immunity Cocktail

  • 10% off Additional IVs
  • 50% off all IV Boosters
  • 25% off all IM Injections
  • 10% savings on our Medical Grade Skin Care Products – AlumierMD
  • 10 savings on Nutraceuticals – BioTe & Orthomolecular
  • 10% savings on Dermal Fillers
  • $10/unit Xeomin and Botox

The VIP Gold Membership is $159/month with a 6-month commitment. This membership is best suited for clients who plan to get 1 IV per month (2 occasionally) and are interested in our other services (note the beauty discounts)

Browse our selection of IV therapies:

Learn more about concierge IV services.

Contact VIP Total Health & Hydration to learn more about our concierge IV services when you’re not feeling well enough to come to the med spa, or for your single-day or multiple-day event. Concierge services are provided by appointment only, so contact us to learn more and schedule your services. Concierge fees may apply, and monthly IV memberships are available for considerable discounts on specific services and formulas.

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