Adjuvant Cancer Treatments Via Port

What is adjuvant cancer support?

Studies suggest that the adjuvant cancer support services at VIP Total Health & Hydration offer the recovery, healing, and advanced pain management support you need to get back on your feet during and after cancer treatment.

VIP Total Health & Hydration licensed medical experts can work with your current medical team to lessen the side effects of cancer therapy and help stimulate your body’s natural healing processes.

Adjuvant cancer support at VIP includes targeted immunotherapy treatments. Your body’s own immune system may be sluggish during and after cancer treatment, but holistic therapies such as high dose vitamin C can help reinvigorate your body’s ability to contain, seek, and destroy errant cancer cells.

Advanced pain management solutions with adjuvant services

Am I a candidate for VIP adjuvant cancer support?

Many cancer therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation carry significant risk of side effects. The supportive therapies offered at VIP Total Health & Hydration are natural, holistic treatments, offered in a customized plan developed by your VIP support team.

With the help of you and, if requested, your primary care team, VIP medical professionals will consider the following factors when determining which services are right for you:

  • Type of cancer.

    Most cancer treatment symptoms respond well to IV therapies, NAD IV Therapies, and other supportive treatments that could help address your specific adjuvant cancer treatment support plan.

  • Cancer stage.

    Adjuvant cancer treatment and support is highly effective for cancers that have spread to lymph nodes.

  • Lymph node involvement.

    Cancer that has metastasized to a greater number of lymph nodes is difficult to address with localized treatments. High dose vitamin C therapies that activate holistic healing mechanisms within the body are more effective at preventing further spread and relieving symptoms related to more aggressive treatment.

  • Treatment-related symptoms.

    Some traditional cancer treatments such as surgery can result in the need for advanced pain management or ongoing IV therapies and infusions.

Advanced pain management after cancer treatment, and more.

Contact VIP Total Health & Hydration to learn more about our therapies and speak with our medical staff about your adjuvant cancer support needs. We’ll walk you through a detailed consultation process to determine which of our natural healing services can help support your body and stimulate its own healing processes.

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