Dennis Kelley

Dennis Kelley is the Vice President of Finance & Business Development, as well as co-owner alongside his wife, Michelle Kelley. He brings twenty-plus years of executive operations experience to the equation. After serving in the Marine Corps, Dennis began his Operations career in the aerospace industry. He is very dedicated to healthy living and fitness and is always doing something active in his spare time. Dennis brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to VIP and will ensure customer expectations are exceeded.


Dennis holds degrees in Electrical Engineering Technology, Business Administration, and a Master of Science in Technical Management. Dennis is a highly recognized and certified Lean/Six Sigma Master Blackbelt.


 Dennis has held executive positions in Operations and Systems Engineering managing multi-billion-dollar programs within the aerospace industry. After a successful career in aerospace, Dennis began a consulting career where he crossed into several other sectors as an executive coach and process improvement expert. He has worked with over 40 locations in the United States and abroad helping companies develop and deploy strategic changes throughout their organizations.

Roles and Responsibilities

Dennis’ primary role within VIP is Vice President of Finance as he manages the company’s financial goals and long-term financial strategies. He generates financial reports, assists in hiring new team members, audits and analyzes company expenses, and helps determine the organization’s goals and plan of action to fulfill the company’s aspirations. Dennis also plays a major role in business development as the strategic and visionary lead for VIP. He ensures that VIP is always seeking out and offering the latest technologies and services available in the holistic healthcare industry. Dennis establishes strategic business-to-business partnerships with other companies so VIP has a broader reach and can offer services to anyone seeking them out. Dennis applies his plethora of knowledge to ensure the company is always operating at the highest possible level and ensuring clientele has the best possible experience.


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