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How does NAD+ IV Therapy play a role in a natural healing center?

VIP Total Health & Hydration is a natural healing center focused on holistic therapies that help the body function properly and heal from within. Our NAD+ IV Therapies offer advanced regenerative health benefits and anti-aging NAD therapy in a safe and effective delivery system.

NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a naturally-occurring coenzyme that helps repair and maintain DNA. As we age, NAD levels begin to decline, so adding NAD back into the body in a bioavailable form during IV administration works as a powerful anti-aging therapy.

NAD+ IV treatments are advanced natural therapies that have been credited with combating the effects of aging by repairing the DNA and boosting metabolism. Benefits include:

  • Increased mental acuity

  • Greater energy levels

  • Weight loss support

  • Withdrawal symptom relief during addiction rehab

The anti-aging benefits of NAD+ IV therapy

There is conclusive evidence that NAD IV therapy offers anti-aging benefits. Researchers continue to study the many ways NAD supplementation offsets and dramatically slows the rate of decline from aging, increases health and wellness, and possibly extends the average person’s lifespan.

How does NAD+ IV therapy work?

NAD+ IV therapy is the most efficient and effective way to supplement NAD. During IV infusion, clients will receive therapeutic levels of NAD directly to the bloodstream.

Conditions that benefit from NAD+ IV therapies

Many clients who come to VIP are searching for help from a natural healing center that customizes its approach to supportive therapies. Instead of recommending a standard IV therapy for all conditions, VIP Total Health & Hydration licensed medical professionals create each client’s treatment plan for their specific medical history, condition, and symptoms.


Conditions we’ve treated

(select a condition to learn more)

Condition 1

Mental decline due to age

Condition 2

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Condition 3

Metabolic dysfunction

Condition 4

Physical effects of aging

Condition 5

Substance addiction/detox

Condition 6

Foggy brain

Aging, substance withdrawal, and certain medical conditions can result in significant DNA damage, fatigue, mitochondrial defects, progressive tissue degeneration and atrophy, and the development of metabolic dysfunction and weakness. NAD+ helps the body heal itself at the cellular level.              

NAD+ has the potential to provide benefits for a wide range of conditions. Contact VIP NAD+ professionals to begin your assessment and start planning your NAD+ IV treatment experience at our natural healing center.

Choose Your Plan

The most affordable NAD IV Therapy Plans Around

Single Treatments


Starting Price

Anxiety and Depression


4 treatments over 2 weeks

Cells are damaged and NAD levels are depleted when facing anxiety and depression. This NAD treatment is sometimes referred to as the brain reset plan. It relieves the symptoms of anxiety, revitalizing body & mind. Dosage and duration of treatments vary for this plan.

Foggy Brain


2 Treatments per week for 4 weeks

This NAD treatment permeates the blood-brain barrier and replenishes the supply of neurotransmitters, improves cognitive function, and combats brain fog, all while repairing cells throughout the entire body.

Anti-Aging & Energy Boost


2 treatments per week for 5 weeks

Replenish and repair DNA, protect brain cells from damage, reduce inflammation, and turn on enzymes that help prevent aging processes. This NAD therapy helps improves muscle function, overall health, skin appearance, and quality of life.

PTSD Treatment


7 total treatments over 2 weeks

This NAD plan repairs damaged cells caused by trauma allowing the patient to clearly address the sources of anxiety, stress, and suffering caused by the event or events. Dosage and duration of treatments vary for this plan.

Drug & Alcohol Withdrawal


10 total treatments over 3 weeks

This treatment plan helps eliminate the desire for the addictive substance while, in most cases, minimizing the symptoms normally associated with withdrawals. The addict is detoxed in a fraction of the normal expected time, which enables them to address the root causes of their addiction. Dosage and duration of treatments will vary for this particular plan.

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