Comprehensive Pain Management with Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy to stimulate healing

Medical grade oxygen therapy at VIP Total Health & Hydration can address comprehensive pain management and healing from injury, slow-healing surgical wounds, and burns.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) involves delivering pure oxygen throughout the body in a hyperbaric chamber. This therapy delivers oxygen at a cellular level, enabling the body’s natural healing and disease-fighting processes and stimulating the circulatory system.

Conditions that respond to oxygen therapy:

  • Wounds from surgery.

    When surgical incisions heal slowly, HBOT can help stimulate healing by increasing oxygen levels within the cells.

  • Burn relief.

    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has been shown to improve tissue hypoxia, neovascularization and ischemia reperfusion injury and reduce pathologic inflammation in various clinical settings and can be an important part of a comprehensive pain management plan for burn treatment.

  • Crush injuries.

    Oxygen helps the body reduce swelling, address potential infection, rebuild blood vessels and replace lost collagen. All of these processes are needed for a full recovery from a crush injury.

Pain Support

Comprehensive pain management, healing, and support

Pure, medical grade oxygen therapy delivered at the cellular level can help with healing and comprehensive pain management. VIP clients experience a multitude of benefits from oxygen therapy that include improved rate of healing and increased stamina.

VIP offers flexible treatment plans

Your medical professionals at VIP Total Health & Hydration will recommend a treatment plan based on your needs and medical history. We can develop your plan independently, or work with your existing medical team at your request. However you choose to incorporate oxygen therapy and supportive natural healing therapies to help you recover faster and more completely, VIP professionals are ready to develop a customized therapy plan and help you see results.

Flex Plans

Walk-ins are welcome.

At VIP Total Health & Hydration, you won’t need an appointment or insurance to benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy services. Walk-ins are welcome. Contact us today to learn more about oxygen therapy at VIP and start your treatment plan for more efficient healing through the introduction of pure oxygen into your body’s cells.

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