Treat These 5 Conditions with Intravenously Delivered Therapies

Treat These 5 Conditions with Intravenously Delivered Therapies

Seeking intravenously delivered infusion therapies has increased in popularity. IV therapy is a quick and easy way to treat many conditions and accompanying symptoms. 

Many seek IV therapy with NAD infusions. NAD is naturally found in each cell. Supplementing these coenzymes restores and rejuvenates the mind and body, and maintains the wholeness of your DNA while helping to prevent cell destruction.

Intravenously administered treatments made of an infusion of fluids, NAD, and other nutrients are used to treat the following five conditions and more.

1. Dehydration

The primary reason most of our clients look for IV therapy infusions is to combat the effects of dehydration. By receiving treatment directly into your bloodstream, you feel the positive benefits of your treatment much faster than alternative treatments where fluids or medications have to travel through your digestive system. For this reason, IV treatment offers a much quicker recovery from dehydration.

2. Signs of aging

NAD plays a vital role in our body, but as we age, levels start declining. IV therapy replenishes your natural NAD supply and boosts your metabolism. 

As people age, the protein molecule sirtuin reduces, leading to wrinkles in the skin. A NAD IV treatment from VIP Total Health and Hydration can help replenish sirtuin levels and allow you to regain a youthful look.

3. Improves anxiety

NAD IV therapy treats anxiety symptoms by restoring low nutrient levels within your system. A professionally administered NAD therapy treatment helps your body receive the nutrients and fluids your body needs for optimal health. Our holistic approach to wellness addresses the needs of your entire body, including restoring and rebalancing fluids in your brain to reduce brain fog and other symptoms that can amplify anxiety.

4. PTSD therapy

Another reason to receive NAD treatment is to help with PTSD. Intravenously administered therapy treatments are safe and are shown to be very effective. If you have PTSD, it is imperative to seek help. IV therapy treatments can help manage your symptoms, such as anxiety or depression.

5. Joint and muscle pain

Whether you have chronic pain or a sports injury, NAD therapy helps restore your body’s natural healing abilities. When your body has the correct balance of fluids and nutrients, you will have better mobility and faster recovery from workouts. Let IV therapy help you live the active lifestyle you love pain-free! 

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