Fort Worth IV Therapy Specialist

Fort Worth IV Therapy Specialist

You are invited to visit our Fort Worth VIP Total Health & Hydration today to see one of our qualified Fort Worth IV therapy specialists to learn all about IV therapy and what treatment will be best for you. You may be surprised to know that IV drips are not just for hospitals any longer.

Rehydrate With IV Therapy

One of the most popular reasons clients come to VIP Health & Hydration in Fort Worth for IV therapy is for hydration. Some of the common signs of dehydration include dry lips, dry tongue, headache, dizziness and rapid breathing. Severe dehydration can lead to more serious health issues such as rapid heart rate, seizures, lethargy, fever or confusion. One of the main benefits of our IV therapy treatments for hydration in Fort Worth is that they work much faster than if you were to hydrate the traditional way. You don’t have to wait for fluids to enter your gastrointestinal tract, which can take a while. Through an IV, vitamins and minerals enter the bloodstream directly and absorb quickly. In addition, the procedure is safe and effective!

Our certified Fort Worth area IV specialists will work directly with you and take into account your medical conditions, height, weight, and medical history to determine which drip treatment will be best for you. We offer on-site lab testing for vitamin deficiencies to see what important nutrients your body is currently lacking. Using this vital information, we can create customized IV drips in Fort Worth based on your unique body composition.

IV Therapy For Anti-Aging

If you want a more youthful-looking appearance, we also offer anti-aging IV treatments. Help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles and give your skin the glow it’s missing. While we can’t actually stop the aging process, we can definitely take steps to slow the process down. We’ll combine antioxidants and vitamins to support regeneration of cells, improve elasticity and eliminate toxins. We can also combine IV therapy with Botox and fillers for maximum anti-aging results. We have highly trained and experienced injectors to provide you with the latest in cosmetic injections from Botox and Juvéderm.

Call VIP Total Health & Hydration today at 682-708-3308 to schedule your free initial consultation. We offer price matching on IV therapy, so if you find a better deal somewhere else, we’ll honor it. We strive to provide you with the best price possible. When you call us today, you will receive 10% OFF your first IV therapy treatment as our gift to you. Our Fort Worth IV therapy specialists are excited to work with you and help you live your life on your terms at peak energy levels.

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