IV Drips Treat Tendonitis Symptoms

IV Drips Treat Tendonitis Symptoms

No one wants to experience pain. It takes us away from everything we want to accomplish during the day and makes even the simplest tasks unbearable. IV drips are a natural remedy used to supplement or as an alternative to traditional medical interventions to help you find relief and get you back to regular activity. 

Tendinitis comes from inflamed tendons and can cause intense pain in and around joints. It may take days or weeks to recover from tendonitis, or, without proper attention, it could become a long-term ailment. By working with the specialists at VIP Total Health and Hydration, you will find the treatments best suited to relieve your symptoms and underlying conditions. 

Treatment Strategies

Medical professionals recommend rest and self-care strategies to treat tendinitis. Self-care is an essential factor in reducing inflammation and treating pain. Taking the necessary time to allow your body to heal is central to seeing results. The good news is that time doesn’t have to be as long as you think. 

If you’ve ever taken an introductory first-aid class, you might remember learning the acronym RICE to help you remember general self-care strategies. The letters in RICE stand for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. The main goal of all of these home remedies is to avoid swelling and reduce pain, but none treat the source of the symptoms. Each provides a promising start to finding relief but requires downtime and avoiding activity. 

IV drips are an ideal treatment to supplement self-care strategies with the vitamins and minerals your body needs to heal so you can quickly get the relief you need. IV therapy gives your body a boost of natural nutrients to promote hydration and healing. A quick 30-minute treatment will properly lubricate your ligaments and tendons to fight inflammation and directly treat the cause of your pain. 

IV Drips for Inflammation

The IV therapies available at VIP Total Health and Hydration are customized to address your specific conditions and associated symptoms. If you suffer from tendonitis or another ailment, such as chronic inflammation, our Joint Health Infusion IV drips may be just what you’re looking for to eliminate your pain. Joint infusions are created with a specific blend of nutrients to decrease inflammation resulting in the reduction or elimination of your pain symptoms. 

Find Relief and VIP Total Health and Hydration

The IV therapy specialists at VIP Total Health and Hydration understand you want to find quick relief to get back to your busy and active lifestyle. Our multiple med spa locations ensure easy access to the treatments you need to get back to feeling your best. If making an appointment or walking into one of our locations doesn’t work with your schedule, ask about our IV concierge services. 

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