Work with a Holistic Practitioner to Fully Benefit from NAD Therapy

Work with a Holistic Practitioner to Fully Benefit from NAD Therapy

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is a natural coenzyme vital to your metabolism and overall health. Ensuring you have proper levels in your body can even lengthen your lifespan. When properly administered by a holistic practitioner, NAD supplement IV therapy technology can unlock numerous health benefits

5 benefits of NAD+ therapy

You’ll experience multiple benefits each time you receive an IV infusion from a certified VIP Total Health and Hydration holistic practitioner. The benefits our clients feel after their very first treatment include: 

  1.  Pain reduction and treatment support. Pain relief through holistic IV therapy is possible because sirtuins, a family of protein molecules known to play a vital role in the body’s inflammatory response, are key ingredients in each treatment. Sirtuins encourage NAD co-enzymes to accelerate pain reduction. 
  2. Addiction recovery aid. Cutting-edge rehydration treatments don’t provide a cure for addiction, but are a powerful tool to support the recovery process. Specialized treatment plans offer detoxification therapy, a better alternative to medication that can pose significant side effects.
  3. Increased energy. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a fuel your body uses to support many processes. A customized IV drip can help increase natural ATP production, boosting your energy levels and clearing brain fog. 
  4. Immune support. If you have low levels of NAD, you’re more likely to get chronic conditions like diabetes, liver disease, and other health conditions. Supplementing the naturally occurring enzymes in your body increases your wellness and boosts your immune system functions. 
  5. Reversal of the signs of aging. The specific sirtuin that handles aging is known as the Sir2p. NAD supplement IV therapy impacts the effectiveness of aging sirtuins, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

NAD+ IV therapy is a simple and convenient procedure with many benefits. If you want to invest in improving your overall health, you must take a holistic approach and find a treatment that will benefit your entire body. You’ll find those treatments at VIP Total Health and Hydration. 

Find your holistic practitioner at VIP Total Health and Hydration

VIP offers the best holistic IV therapy experience in the Metroplex. We take a whole-body approach to your wellness so you can get the most out of your treatment plan. Your holistic practitioner will take the time to understand your condition and create a customized drip solution to benefit your whole body. 

Schedule your first appointment to begin your holistic journey to better wellness. We look forward to helping you select your plan!

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