IV Hydration Therapy Contributes to Brain Health

IV Hydration Therapy Contributes to Brain Health

Feeling achy and tired are common feelings associated with dehydration, but did you know dehydration also impacts your brain? 

More than 60% of your body is water. Every bodily system depends on maintaining the proper levels. Your brain and nervous system are no exception. IV hydration therapy provides the fluids you need to reach the correct balance to function. 

Find your way out of the fog

Brain fog symptoms vary. You might be a sufferer if you’re having difficulty focusing. 

Brain fog is a symptom of many conditions, including long COVID or chronic fatigue syndrome. No matter the cause of brain fog, IV hydration therapy is your first step to getting the nutrients and fluids you need so your brain can effectively communicate with your body. 

Many IV therapies include NAD, an enzyme naturally found in every cell. NAD is responsible for repairing and restoring the mind and the body. It also reverses cellular damage to help the body function. Restoring NAD is another step to clearing brain fog and rejuvenating your cells for optimal brain health. When your brain is clear, you have more energy. An energy boost may be just what you need to be more active, contributing to better physical health. 

Healthy brain, healthy body

The connection between mind and body repair is cyclical. If you are properly hydrated, your brain synapses communicate better. When your body is feeling better, you get the benefits of reduced stress, which can help the brain function and combat depression and anxiety. 

IV hydration therapy can help your brain and body recover and heal by: 

    • Reversing the signs of aging;
    • Reducing feelings of tiredness and body fatigue; and,
    • Optimizing metabolic functioning.

The IV therapy specialists at VIP Total Health and Hydration are knowledgeable about all the treatment options available to help you reach optimal hydration levels so you can say goodbye to brain fog and hello to an alert and active life. 

Improve your brain health with IV hydration therapy at VIP

VIP Total Health and Hydration treatments only use natural products that introduce the nutrients and minerals or enzymes your body needs to balance your system, relieving brain fog quickly. 

Our dehydration services can get you back to living the life you want to live. Schedule an appointment today to feel the immediate and long-lasting positive mental effects of proper hydration. 

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