Sports Injury and Muscle Recovery: IV Therapy for Athletes

Sports Injury and Muscle Recovery: IV Therapy for Athletes

Athletes put a lot of stress on muscle fibers, which can result in sports injury. Even post-workout soreness indicates a type of injury that requires optimal hydration and nutrients to heal properly for continual performance improvement.

Why muscle soreness is a sports injury 

When the muscle is pushed beyond its limits, the muscle fibers can become overstretched or torn which can lead to soreness and may put an athlete at increased risk of more serious injury. In addition, repeated extreme motions can cause tiny tears in the muscle fibers, leading to an increased risk of chronic injury

Give your body what it needs to recover

Proper rest and physical therapy are essential for recovery and to protect the affected muscle fibers from further injury. IV therapy or infusions can also be helpful in aiding muscle injury recovery caused by sports. 

IV infusions can be customized to provide vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, and magnesium, which are beneficial for promoting muscle repair and regeneration. Additionally, IV infusions offer hydration and electrolytes, which are especially helpful for athletes with high energy demands. Glutamine, an amino acid, can be added to an infusion to help repair muscle fibers, as well as increase energy and reduce muscle soreness. 

Other benefits of IV therapy include faster absorption of fluids and nutrients, as well as reducing the risk of dehydration, which can further aggravate muscle injury.

8 benefits of IV therapy for sports injury recovery

At VIP Total Health and Hydration, we offer mobile IV therapy services for athletes and sports events through our concierge IV service. We’ve helped many athletes at every level recover quickly from competition and get back in the game. Here are the top 8 benefits of IV therapy for sports injury recovery:

    • Provides faster injury relief and recovery while decreasing downtime for athletes. 
    • Reduces inflammation and swelling associated with sports injury, reducing pain. 
    • Enhances muscle strength and flexibility for athletes through proper hydration, helping prevent further injury.
    • Improves physical performance by supporting essential repair and recovery processes. 
    • Stimulates healthy cell, muscle, and tissue regeneration. 
    • Helps reduce recovery time after a workout or rehab exercise. 
    • Prevents muscle breakdown during injury rehabilitation. 
    • Increases the body’s natural healing process.

Consistent exercise and invigorating workouts can help you feel better in many ways, including weight loss, weight control, improving heart function and enhancing your mood. That said, it can also leave your body and muscles aching, which can impact your productivity in the workplace and in day to day life. 

Why VIP recommends IV therapy for athletes

We highly recommend using an all-natural approach to recovery and hydration, which is what makes our IV therapy treatments one of our top choices for athletes. Our products are specially formulated not only to help sports injury recovery, but also improve overall health and hydration levels by delivering exactly what your body needs to recover, right where it can use it quickly and efficiently. Anytime you need help recovering from a tough workout or support while healing from a sports injury, turn to your VIP team for an IV infusion that helps you recover faster.

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