High Dose Vitamin C Cocktail – Vitamin C, 25g

Vitamin C is one of the best vitamins for energy and an immune system boost.


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2 reviews for High Dose Vitamin C Cocktail – Vitamin C, 25g

  1. 2 Reviews

    Mark H

    After chemotherapy I was always exhausted. This treatment was the perfect “pick me up” and helped make therapy bearable.

  2. 2 Reviews

    Stephanie Pearson

    I have been in chemotherapy treatments for a few months now. A friend referred me to VIP to help with my energy, appetite, hydration, and nausea. I have gotten several IV infusions now and can’t say enough about how phenomenal the staff is! Everyone has always been very kind and respectful. They ensure I am comfortable and satisfied after every visit. The owners even worked with me on pricing and a payment plan so I could afford what I needed. Highly recommend this IV for anyone going through chemotherapy!

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