IV Therapy Treats Pain in Muscles and Joints

IV Therapy Treats Pain in Muscles and Joints

Chronic pain in muscles and joints can severely impact your ability to participate in the activities you love. If you’re searching for an alternative to traditional pain medications, IV therapy may be the best way to treat your pain so you can quickly get back to doing everything you love. 

Did you know dehydration can cause pain? When dehydrated, your body redirects water to your vital organs. If you don’t do something to regain a balanced state of hydration, the absence of fluid in other areas of your body can cause pain in muscles and joints. 

Seeking IV therapy to address your dehydration is the first step you can take to find relief from pain. Continued treatments ensure your body maintains optimal fluid and nutrient levels to keep you pain-free.

Treating dehydration with IV therapy

IV therapy can help restore your body’s balance of fluids, vitamins, and minerals faster than drinking. Restoring your body’s fluids and nutrients to the balance it needs allows it to redistribute fluid throughout, reducing pain and increasing mobility. 

Unlike drinking plain water that can dilute your system or sports drinks that are packed with sugar, IV therapy gives you a boost of supplemental nutrients without overwhelming your system. 

At VIP Total Health and Hydration, your appointment begins with a consultation with one of our IV therapy specialists to determine the best treatment to meet your needs. Our Joint Health Infusion IV treatment contains the perfect blend of nutrients to decrease inflammation and effectively treat your pain. In addition to treating chronic joint pain, this infusion may be the best fit for those suffering from muscle injuries, arthritis, or chronic inflammation. 

Pain in muscles and joints? Find relief at VIP Total Health and Hydration

Avoid an uncomfortable medical clinic setting and find pain relief in the relaxing spa-like atmosphere of VIP Total Health and Hydration. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff have the answers to any questions you may have and will ensure you feel comfortable before, during, and after your treatment. From individual treatments to package plans, your specialist will work with you to create a custom treatment that addresses your muscle and joint pain and other conditions. Your specialist can also advise you on how to develop then maintain good habits between treatments to help you feel long-term relief. 

Take the steps today to find the relief you need and return to the activities you love without pain. Check out our menu of IV therapy treatments, then speak with one of our specialists to get the best combination to fit your unique needs.

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