San Antonio TX IV Therapy For Chronic Muscle Pain

San Antonio TX IV Therapy For Chronic Muscle Pain

The San Antonio TX IV therapy for chronic muscle pain provided by VIP Total Health and Hydration in their luxurious facility is one of the most efficient treatment options to decrease chronic muscle and joint pain available. According to recent statistics, about 20.4% of U.S. adults suffer from chronic pain, and 8.0% of U.S. residents have high-impact chronic muscle pain. In addition, rheumatic disease is the one of the leading causes of chronic muscle pain. The disease includes at least 200 autoimmune and musculoskeletal conditions. Although each condition has unique symptoms, all share three common symptoms which include pain, stiffness, and inflammation.

Our personalized IV therapy for chronic pain is one of the most efficient and fast-acting treatments available because among other benefits, it’s delivered directly into the bloodstream. This treatment option will alleviate your pain, improve your immunity and overall ability to function. Please continue reading this article to discover everything you need to know about San Antonio chronic pain relief options available from VIP Total Health and Hydration. This cutting-edge industry is impacting the well-being of many San Antonio residents positively, and we would truly enjoy sharing it with you as your partner in wellness.

What Is IV Therapy?

Also known as intravenous therapy, IV therapy refers to delivering hydration and nutrition directly to the bloodstream for quicker absorption and assimilation. This treatment option has been growing in popularity because it delivers much-needed hydration to the targeted areas quickly by bypassing the digestive systems. IV therapy has a 100% absorption rate, unlike oral treatment options which have a 20% to 50% absorption rate. This means you can heal, hydrate and recover faster.

IV therapy has been around for quite some time now. It was first used in the 1600s. The IV therapy we know today started to take shape when Dr. John Meyers developed a combination of vitamins and minerals in the 1960s.

How Does San Antonio TX IV Therapy For Chronic Muscle Pain & Joint Pain Work?

When you visit VIP Total Health and Hydration for all of your San Antonio chronic pain relief needs, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will evaluate your medical history and current symptoms. They may conduct a blood test to determine what your body needs most in terms of minerals and hydration. A qualified nurse or doctor will disinfect the area before infusing biologics into your bloodstream.

Discover how you can decrease chronic muscle pain with IV therapy and get immediate joint pain relief in San Antonio at VIP Total Health and Hydration. We also offer price matching on all of our IV therapy treatments so that you can feel good about the amount you are investing in your wellness program.

Some of the benefits of our infusions include:

– Reduced inflammation
– Minimizing of joint stiffness
– Elimination of cells that can cause disease
– Suppressing an overactive immune system
– The blocking of joint damage
– Benefits of IV Therapy for Chronic Muscle Pain and Joint Muscle Pain

A key point that we want to stress again is that, when administered orally, other treatments used to address chronic muscle pain are not absorbed fully while our IV therapy delivers the minerals and fluids your body needs quickly and more efficiently into the bloodstream.

At VIP Total Health and Hydration our friendly team of specialists take great pride in providing the highest quality San Antonio TX IV therapy for chronic muscle pain and joint pain available. You will feel comfortable and relaxed in our spa-like environment and please know that we are committed to your complete satisfaction during your entire experience with us.
Contact us today by calling 210-540-5368 to schedule your free initial consultation. When you call us today, you will receive 10% OFF your first IV therapy treatment as our gift to you. If you are a health-conscious person looking to take your wellness to another level, contact us today!

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