Plano TX IV Therapy For Dehydration

Plano TX IV Therapy For Dehydration

Check out VIP Total Health & Hydration for all of your Plano TX IV therapy for dehydration needs. You can restore fluids to your body faster through an IV bag drip. Many of our clients are pleasantly surprised at just how affordable this type of treatment is. Our services are only a fraction of the cost of a hospital visit, and we offer price matching on all our IV therapy treatments. We operate under a licensed Medical Director as required by the Texas Medical Board and are 100% compliant with all governing federal and state laws. In addition, all of our vitamins and products are provided by leading pharmacies and are FDA approved.

Treat Dehydration & Fatigue

The benefits of our Plano IV hydration therapy treatments can dramatically impact your energy levels and quality of life. We can customize a drip specifically for your needs and individual vitamin deficiencies. Our onsite lab allows our professional staff to determine which nutrients you may be lacking. Intravenous drips allow for 100% absorption of important vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream, in contrast to only 25-25% absorption when taken orally because of the slow digestive system absorption rate.

IV fluids can help to replenish fluids and distribute electrolytes like sodium chloride to alleviate symptoms of dehydration such as dizziness, dry mouth and fatigue. If you have been experiencing symptoms of dehydration, just aren’t feeling your best, or recovering from a hangover, IV therapy is a great option. The treatment is safe and effective. Feel better faster with our Plano TX IV therapy for dehydration. Many of our loyal customers make our treatments a regular part of their wellness regimen.

Fatigue is characterized as tiredness that does not subside with rest. You may feel lethargic with no motivation to do the activities you have always loved. Fatigue can be related to over-exertion, long workdays, or it can be clinical with an underlying cause. Conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, depression, and anemia may cause fatigue. We offer NAD+ as an effective anti-fatigue IV treatment to help clients boost NADH levels and increase the amount of energy available to the body. This increases feelings of vitality in our customers. Our Plano hydration therapy is the fastest way to transport NAD to the blood stream so that you can experience the benefits in your body almost immediately.

NAD+ IV Therapy

NAD+ is also used in our Plano TX clinic in our specialized IV infusions for brain health. NAD has shown to increase cognitive function. It can help to boost memory and brain power. Patients report feeling more alert with less brain fog after an NAD+ IV drip.

If you’re not sure which IV drip treatment is best for you, one of our IV specialists can walk you through the different options available, or we can customize an infusion just for you. We want you to get the most out of your treatment.

Reach out to our IV specialists at VIP Total Health & Hydration today to learn more about our Plano TX IV therapy for dehydration by calling 214-240-9243. As our special gift to you, when you call today, you’ll receive 10% off your first IV therapy treatment. We will do all we can to help you on your path to wellness and vitality.

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