Plano TX Hyperbaric Chamber

Plano TX Hyperbaric Chamber

The Plano TX hyperbaric chamber provided by VIP Total Health and Hydration is now available for local residents to address a wide range of medical injuries and conditions to speed up recovery. One of the primary benefits of this treatment option is that it can be utilized to speed up healing. Popularly known as hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), our Plano Hyperbaric therapy treatment option is used by a variety of patients with varying conditions. This treatment method was first used in the early 1900s in the United States. It would later be used to treat decompression sickness, a condition caused by scuba diving. The advances in the technology involved in this field of treatment have caused a shift over time so that it is now available to local residents who can benefit from the healing benefits it provides.

Please continue reading to learn more about how our Plano hyperbaric treatment option works and the type of conditions it can treat. In addition, our friendly, experienced team is always available to answer any questions you may have about this exciting natural healing process that has helped so many.

How Does Our Customized Hyperbaric Chamber Work?

When you visit VIP Total Health and Hydration clinic in Plano our friendly and courteous staff will take the time to explore all of the options and benefits available from this treatment. During your treatment you will breathe in 100% pure oxygen while you are laying down inside of a pressurized chamber that is constructed of acrylic.

To begin your treatment in the chamber, one of our qualified team members will help you climb inside of the tube-like chamber. There is no need to worry or be cautious, as you will be able to see everything that is happening outside because of the clear acrylic that makes up the tube. Once you are comfortably inside, your assigned specialist will ask you to breathe in the pure oxygen as they increase the pressure.

Apart from the chamber, hyperbaric therapy can also be delivered via a facemask or lightweight hood placed on your head. You will not have to enter the chamber if you decide to utilize this method. Treatment sessions can last anywhere from one to two hours and patients typically receive the therapy five days per week for four to six weeks. Your symptoms and injury diagnosis will allow our team to determine the precise number of treatment sessions you should undergo in order to receive the maximum benefit.

Regardless of the treatment method used, our Plano hyperbaric chamber operates under the same healthy premise, which is to increase your metabolism and oxygen absorption by increasing the surrounding atmospheric pressure. The atmospheric pressure inside the chamber is two to three times greater than the pressure outside. This condition is created intentionally to ensure that the patient inhales pure oxygen and it is totally safe for you.

After your lungs absorb the oxygen, it is transported to all of your tissues and organs through the heart and blood vessels. The pure oxygen will be dissolved into the body fluids, cerebral spinal fluid, and blood. Bones, lymph nodes, and tissues will also absorb the oxygen-rich air. You will find the entire experience comfortable and relaxing. We are passionate about the well-being of our patients!

Some of the benefits of utilizing our Plano hyperbaric chamber to speed up the healing process within your body include:

  • Improving immunity and fighting infections
  • Decreases breathlessness
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Increasing your exercise capacity
  • Can prolong your life

Additional Benefits Of Our Hyperbaric Chamber Services in Plano

Your body needs oxygen to heal. When you lack an adequate amount of oxygen in your bloodstream, it can lead to multiple conditions and slow down the healing process. For instance, diabetes slows down the circulation process, which makes it difficult for injuries to heal. Our hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy services in Plano can be used to treat a wide variety of injuries that require optimal blood circulation, including surgical wounds, burn relief, COPD treatment and crush injuries.

IF you are or a loved one lives in the local area and believes you could benefit from our cutting-edge Plano hyperbaric chamber experience, the professionals at VIP Total Health and Hydration are here to help you every step of the way. To start the process and get all your questions answered, the next step is simply to contact us today by calling 214-240-9243 to schedule your free initial consultation. Reach out anytime to find out if hyperbaric oxygen therapy is right for you!

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