Plano TX Allergy Relief With IV Therapy

Plano TX Allergy Relief With IV Therapy

If you have tried all of the traditional medical treatments and herbal remedies for your nagging allergies but haven’t experienced relief yet, we invite you to experience one of our Plano TX allergy relief with IV therapy treatments today. Your allergies, itchiness and rashes might just become a thing of the past! The infusion therapies available from VIP Total Health and Hydration are painless and we use 100% all-natural ingredients in all of our drips. Our knowledgeable staff is committed to total customer satisfaction and excellent service.

NAD IV Therapy

NAD IV Therapy is one of our recommended treatments. It is a highly effective infusion that delivers NAD and other complimentary vitamins directly into your bloodstream. What is NAD? It is a coenzyme that is naturally found in all cells of your body. The allergy IV treatments in Plano available from VIP Total Health and Hydration, deliver the naturally occurring NAD you need to repair and restore your mind and body. NAD also maintains your DNA integrity and reverses your cellular damage. We need an ongoing supply of NAD as we age because its levels decline with age over time.

When you take a detailed view of the aging process, the cutting-edge Plano allergy relief therapy we offer is often referred to as an anti-aging procedure. It helps against mitochondrial defects, accumulation of DNA damage, progressive tissue degeneration and atrophy. In addition to addressing your allergies, you will also receive the benefit of taking steps to potentially slow down the aging process.

Another important benefit from NAD+ IV Therapy is that it can rewire your metabolism which typically slows down as we age. An increased metabolism can help your body be much better prepared to fight a host of diseases, ranging from diabetes to cancer.

At VIP Total Health and Hydration, our IVs can greatly improve your body’s ability to fight fatigue, control your allergies, and recover more rapidly after your workouts. Our allergy treatments are often custom tailored to fit the varying lifestyle needs of our customers, and because they are administered directly into your bloodstream you will experience a 100% absorption rate that can give your wellness routine a boost!

Plano TX Allergy Relief With IV Therapy

We always offer price matching for IV therapy to our loyal clients because we love working with people on their wellness goals and we have a passion for your well-being!

Competitive Pricing

Some of our long-term customers have told us that, at first glance, our treatment sessions for Plano allergy relief seemed expensive, but then after speaking with us they realized that our fees are around 1/3 of what a hospital visit would cost. They were pleasantly surprised at how affordable our life-changing treatments were and have continued to come back time and time again for the value.

For individuals seeking Plano TX allergy relief with IV therapy treatments, our services may hold the key for reaching the next level in your health and wellness goals. The experienced team at VIP Total Health and Hydration are here to serve you and answer any questions you might have about these cutting-edge treatments. With that in mind, we invite you to contact us today by calling 214-240-9243 to schedule your free initial consultation. When you call us today, you will receive 10% off your first IV therapy treatment as our gift to you. You deserve the best when it comes to health and wellness in your life.

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