Plano Intravenous Therapy

Plano Intravenous Therapy

If you want to feel revitalized and have more energy, visit VIP Total Health and Hydration near Plano for our customized IV treatment plans. Not only do we provide IV therapy to address a variety of health conditions and to rehydrate and re-energize your body — we also do in-house lab testing for vitamin deficiencies near Plano so we can help you determine exactly which therapies would be best for you. Our spa-like environment and friendly staff will make you feel right at home!

Treat Medical Conditions With IV Therapy

One of the most common services we provide are custom IVs for hydration. Many people in society today are dehydrated and don’t even realize it. Proper hydration is essential for feeling good, preventing illness, and slowing the signs of aging. All of our treatments are comprised of products that are made from natural ingredients to ensure that your body is only getting the highest quality nutrients available. One of the best things about IV therapy is how quickly the essential fluids and minerals are absorbed into your bloodstream and how effective they are. You will feel the difference right away.

Experienced IV Therapists

Our licensed medical director for IV therapy in Plano can help answer any questions you have regarding our different IV drips and how they help to treat various health conditions. We’ll help you understand how it works and what the effects are so that you feel comfortable with the process before we begin. We have Plano area customized treatment plans available to help with issues including migraines, allergies, signs of aging, hangovers, fibromyalgia, joint health, nausea, immunity, and more. Not sure which one’s right for you? No worries! Our experienced team can provide lab testing for vitamin deficiencies in Plano that can help us see what treatments would benefit you the most.

IV therapy is more effective than taking vitamins orally because your body absorbs 100% of the vitamins and minerals through the drip, directly into the bloodstream and they do not go through the digestive system. IV drips may have seemed like an expensive treatment in the past, but now they are more affordable than ever and we offer price matching on our IV therapy services. You’ll save 10% off when you book your first IV therapy appointment with our qualified team.

Call VIP Total Health and Hydration today at 214-240-9243 for a Plano area customized IV treatment plan and start feeling healthier and more invigorated. Our staff is looking forward to helping you explore how beneficial IV therapy can be for your health.

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