We are a veteran and woman-owned company that is very proud to be a part of today’s health movement. Our company is focused on tailored medical solutions, healthy diet design, exercise, beauty, aesthetic services, chiropractic care and more. VIP will continue to add to its list of services as the market demands and continues to mature.

VIP operates under a licensed Medical Director with over 20 years of experience. All services are provided and administered by licensed nurses and paramedics with multiple years of experience. VIP adheres and is compliant with all state medical board requirements.

Our Mission

VIP Total Health & Hydration has locations in Fort Worth, Dallas, and San Antonio. Each site has a luxurious spa-like setting and is decorated and designed to ensure the total comfort of the client. Today’s busy lifestyle requires a different type of health service.

Our Journey

IV hydration is a new and rapidly growing industry. Regardless of age or physical condition, staying hydrated, and receiving the adequate and required vitamins to stay healthy is critical to a happy and productive lifestyle.

Connect With Our team


Dennis Kelley

Dennis Kelley is the CEO and brings twenty-plus years of executive operations experience to the equation. After serving in the Marine Corps, Dennis began his Operations career in the aerospace industry. He holds degrees in Electrical Engineering Technology, Business Administration, and a Master of Science in Technical Management. 

Dennis has held executive positions in Operations and Systems Engineering managing multi-billion programs within the industry. After a successful career in aerospace, Dennis began a consulting career where he crossed into several other sectors as an executive coach and process improvement expert. He, too, is very dedicated to healthy living and fitness. Dennis brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the company and will ensure customer expectations are exceeded.

Dennis and Michelle Kelley are happily married and thoroughly enjoy spending time with their children, living a healthy and fit lifestyle, and traveling. Their passion for healthy living, and for helping others, is what inspired them to create VIP Total Health and Hydration.

Vice president/owner

Michelle Kelley

Michelle Kelley is our VP and has always had a desire to help others in their quest for overall wellness. With over 10 years of experience in the medical field, years of experience in studying the human body, fitness, and being a Collegiate level educator, she has developed the expertise and extensive knowledge of the biological needs of the human body.

With a Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration and as an accomplished competitive athlete, Michelle has the pedigree and the practical experience needed to ensure our clientele can reach their health goals and needs.

Medical Director

Dr. Ronald Lester

Dr. Lester is our Medical Director and is an internist in Grapevine, Texas and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Medical City Plano and Texas Health Harris Methodist. He received his medical degree from Meharry Medical College and has been in practice for over 20 years. 

Dr. Lester is a well-known internist with a focus on transitional care in the post-acute environment. High acuity patients with multiple co-mobilities require more attention than time permits in a traditional physician’s office. 

Mobility issues, advance maturity and difficulties with transportation further complicate the care of the acute and chronically ill. His current practice is providing home health concierge visits to those who are not able to travel to physician’s offices or those who prefer at-home visits.


Dr. Steven J. Kicinski, D.C.

Dr. Kicinski (Dr. K) has been treating a broad range of patients in a variety of clinical settings for over 23 years. He has treated patients whose ages range from the infant stage to people in their 90’s. As a broken-down ex-athlete himself, he enjoys treating people who wish to maximize their athletic potential. In addition to treating the athletic population, he receives great joy in helping everyday folks just feel better with increased mobility and less discomfort. He has introduced chiropractic to a large number of first-timers who had never been adjusted before and may have had some misperceptions about chiropractic care. So don’t be shy, get your adjustment today!

Dallas Store Owner

Zack Zmolek

Zack has been a paramedic for 12 years, 7 of those years were spent on the ambulance, 3 years in the Emergency Room, and 2 years in the IV hydration field. Zack has been a store manager for over a year. His passion for helping clients achieve their health needs via IV therapy has focused his attention and desire to become a store owner. 

Zack has extensive knowledge and experience with different vitamins and medications to ensure his client’s needs are met and exceeded. Outside of work Zack enjoys spending time with his two daughters and being outdoors hunting and fishing.

San Antonio Store Owner

Eric Ortiz

Eric Ortiz has been in the IV Hydration business for just over a year. Eric served 4 years in the U.S. Army, 4 years as a Paramedic, and has been a firefighter for 9 years. Eric currently works for the San Antonio Fire Department and loves serving his community. Eric’s incredible knowledge of the human body and how vitamins and hydration are essential for everyday life makes him an expert in this field. Outside of work, Eric loves spending time with his family. He is a devoted husband, father of 3, and enjoys staying active and playing golf.