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Fort Worth TX Cryoflex Non-Invasive Body Shaping

Fort Worth TX cryoflex non-invasive body shaping exposes your body to extreme cold for medicinal purposes or for body shaping. When you utilize this treatment option, it will be applied to the target areas of the body using a noninvasive, pain free wand in just a few minutes.

At VIP Total Health and Hydration, we strive to provide our clients the highest quality body shaping treatment experience in Fort Worth. We are equipped with the latest cryoflex non-invasive machines and technology. In addition, we only select well-trained professionals for our staff who will work with you to ensure that you attain your desired body weight. You may be wondering about all the benefits you will receive when you elect to undergo a focused ultrasound body shaping treatment in Fort Worth. If that is the case, here are some of the benefits you will experience when you choose to lose weight using a non-invasive procedure performed by our trained and qualified staff:

Avoid Surgery

The non-invasive body shaping procedure freezes the fat cells in the body and kills them off. Once the fat cells have been addressed, they will get filtered out of the liver’s body and removed. When exposed to extreme cold, a substance in your body known as the brown adipose tissue (BAT) will burn fat as it facilitates the body to create heat. One of the primary benefits of this approach is that you will not have to undergo surgery to lose weight.

Skin Restoration

You should also consider using Fort Worth TX cryoflex non-invasive body shaping procedures for the added benefit of helping to revitalize your skin. By selecting the team of experienced professionals at VIP Total Health and Hydration, you will not only receive the shape you desire but you will also experience beautiful and glowing skin. You will never be exposed to any harsh chemicals to see improvements in your skin when you choose our clinic as your preferred provider.

Look Younger

Another benefit of using ultrasound body shaping in Fort Worth is that the treatment will help skin tightening. Our procedure can eliminate wrinkles and fine lines on your skin. If you are worried that you are looking older than you prefer, our body shaping treatment options in Fort Worth are one of the safest procedures you can use to bring out your youthful side.

Improve Your Health

In addition to reducing weight and having skin that looks great, another reason to take advantage of our Fort Worth body sculpting procedures is to improve your overall health. These treatments are also known to help boost your immune system, which is why you take your time and do your research when choosing the clinic and staff that is the best fit for you. Our commitment to excellent service and our passion for the well-being of our customers truly sets us apart.

Choose The Right Team

Regardless of what procedure you select to address your unique situation, it is very important that you select a professional provider that you feel comfortable with. Our entire staff is trained, certified and ready to assist in answering any questions you may have. Our promise to you is to always put your health and well-being first in all that we do.

At VIP Total Health and Hydration, we understand that each person has unique needs and goals. That is one of the reasons why our Fort Worth TX cryoflex non-invasive body shaping treatments are customized to meet your needs. We invite you to call us at 682-708-3308 to schedule your free initial consultation or feel free Click Here and visit our website to learn more about our exceptional services. We are here to serve you and help you reach your personal wellness goals.

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